5 Ways to Really Improve Your Travel Photography

Travel photographer Graeme Green has spent the beyond 15 years touring the globe, taking pictures extremely good snapshots and reporting testimonies for global newspapers and magazines, including The Sunday Times, BBC, The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph and National Geographic. In an in advance column, he gave us his five Secrets to Taking Great Photos. I […]

The Uncomfortable Truth About Travel Photography

Travel photography is an attractive genre. The thought of getting paid to discover and find out the world is one that most photographers have entertained. In this article, I contact on an uncomfortable truth approximately tour photography and present seven recommendations based on this truth. I’ve been a full-time travel photographer for over five years. […]

Entral Coast photographers percentage their perspectives

A photo is more than just the photograph it portrays. It encompasses the manner the photographer who captured it sees mild and dark, angles and features, animate and inanimate. Each image is as unique as the man or woman holding the digicam. Since 1994, New Times Media Group has invited neighborhood photographers to reveal us […]

Manfrotto’s Befree GT XPRO is a travel tripod designed particularly for macro shooters

Macro is one of the extra difficult subjects that many photographers choose to shoot, especially while we’re traveling. Often, there’s no longer mild enough to go handheld to get the depth of area we want when we’re close to a subject, or our tripods simply don’t allow us to get the camera into a good […]

Indigenous photographer demanding situations the whiteness of journey photography

An Indigenous photographer is hard the whiteness of travel images with a brand new exhibition in Kitchener. Two years in the past, Shawn Johnston was just a beginner photographer with a dream to journey the arena. Now, their photography exhibition, titled “Nations and Voices” is exhibited at Cafe Pyrus in downtown Kitchener. Johnston decided to […]

Travel Photographer Of The Year: sixteen Spectacular Winning Images

The Travel Photographer of The Year Awards winners have been chosen, and they’re a stunning selection celebrating the splendor of our planet and all its population. From 20,000 entries using amateur and expert photographers of every age from 142 international locations, the jury selected extra than 150 snap shots “in a colorful, fascinating and evocative […]

How Misconceptions Can Affect Your Travel Photography Project

There is a particular obstacle that stands in the way of almost all tour, documentary and cultural photographers alike and, for some motive, no one seems to be willing to talk approximately it — so I’m going to. The way I see it, that impediment can be first-class defined as ‘misconception.’ No rely upon how […]