Jungle safari and ‘nati koli’ dinner

Everyone tensed while the spotted deer screamed in alarm. She stood stock-nevertheless beside our safari van—ignoring it, as opposed to bolting, as she commonly would—right the front leg half of raised, ears erect, staring carefully on the undergrowth throughout the rutted track in Mysuru’s Nagarhole National Park. There was little doubt about what became lurking. […]

Nature knows no gender, says India’s first lady naturalist

Mumbai: Theoretically, anyone with love for the barren region or a professional on nature can be known as a naturalist. Practically, the definition desires to be pushed to include rigorous education, information of the herbal international, the expertise of animal behavior, tracking competencies, managing a four-wheeler on rocky terrain, acquiring guiding competencies and feature a […]

Jharkhand to host 10-day journey tourism events from Jan eleven

The Jharkhand Tourism Department is ready to host numerous journey tourism events from January 11 to 20. The occasions will be held in diverse districts of the state. Adventure lovers now definitely understand where to go to and get a flavor of some real adrenaline rush via taking element in these activities. The tourism department […]

Pench National Park Offers Both Day And Night Safari – Taking The Thrill a Notch Higher

Pench National Park in Chhindwara and Seoni districts of Madhya Pradesh derives its name from the Pench River, flowing through the National Park. The beauty of Pench National Park is so captivating that it sparked one of the great literary creations of Rudyard Kipling – The Jungle Book. From rocky trails, rolling hills, clean rivers, […]

Jungle safari comes domestic with board recreation Kaadoo

An academic board sport conceptualized using Dinesh Kumble, founder of the bootstrapped Krab Media, ambitions to introduce kids to the thrill of a jungle safari. Kaadoo, which means jungle or woodland in Kannada, is targeted at six to 16-year-olds and may be played by using four human beings at a time. It is to be […]

Panic ensues after leopard escapes from Bengal Safari Park in Siliguri

SILIGURI: A leopard escaped from its enclosure in the Bengal Safari Park in West Bengal’s Siliguri on Tuesday. The park has been closed and closes by areas cordoned off over security concerns. Search, and rescue operation has been initiated, stated authorities. The Leopard Safari enclosure is unfolded over near 50 acres and has 4 leopards […]