Direct Tax Code: Is this the reform marketplace is awaiting?

The new Direct Tax Code that may be carried out through the Modi government over the following couple of years could be the maximum important economic reform achieved in India in view that 1991. While the prevailing Income Tax Act 1961 (the Act) has stood the check of time, it has been tampered with and […]

Five Time-Saving Technologies Your Company Needs to Use

No count the dimensions of your commercial enterprise, there are things I guarantee you want you had more of: time and money. Unfortunately, no matter how a lot you desire for them, neither one will magically appear like a CGI Will Smith from an oil lamp. Instead, you’ve got to install a touch extra attempt. […]

7 Common Travel Crises and How to Conquer Them

Travel advisors are well-ready to handle pretty much whatever journey-related. Give them a vacation spot, finances, and a few key pastimes, and they can whip up a completely personalized itinerary to make a consumer experience over-the-moon, as they make their travel desires come real. But what happens while an unforeseen travel nightmare occurs? We’re speaking, […]

Gambling touring is a massive enterprise

Here’s how casinos make millions from vacationers. During the final recession, Las Vegas suffered hard. Home costs went down via half of in a few places. Thousands of people misplaced jobs and gambling tourism, the financial backbone of Clark County, dropped via a landslide. These days, Las Vegas is back to its glorious days, albeit […]

‘Visual hacking’ a privacy danger to enterprise visitors

Whether running at cafes, in shared workspaces, in conference halls, or any public area, ‘visual hacking’ is a chance that more business travelers need to be acutely privy to, in keeping with the 2019 Global Visual Hacking Study using 3M. While 8 out of 10 business visitors remember visible hacking a chance, they don’t do […]

Indian Business Travelers Most Likely Globally to Feel

More Creative and Productive on Work Trips. RESEACH BY CWT the B2B4E travel management platform, suggests that six in ten visitors globally feel more innovative and efficient while touring for commercial enterprise. A survey created and conducted using Artemis Strategy Group among 29 January, and 9th February 2019 shows how people are extra creative and […]

Five tour necessities to make any lodge room a home far from home

Holidays are incredible; however occasionally you cannot assist but miss some acquainted comforts. These little touches will make your hotel room a domestic far from home. There’s nothing better than checking in on your lodge after a long adventure. But irrespective of how relaxing your new surroundings are, it is now not uncommon to overlook […]

Is your next Business ride cyber-comfortable?

No, be counted you’re globe-trotting the sector to ‘find yourself’ or packing a suitcase for a business journey from NY to London for an enterprise conference; the chances are that you’ll be linked to unknown networks. Connecting to unknown networks puts all of the travelers (commercial enterprise and amusement) at an extended chance of exposure […]

Eight Business Travel Trends to Watch For in 2019

The manner we tour is changing. We search for flights and motels differently than we used to, we get around our vacation spot otherwise than we used to, and our stories middle on priorities that we won’t have had in previous, less technologically-superior eras. So shouldn’t the manner we journey for business change with the […]